Going Green: Product Review: Bite Toothpaste Bits

Aloha All!

I recently purchased Bite Toothpaste Bits and could not be happier!

I have been looking for simple ways to go green without killing the budget and my free time. These little bits absolutely fit the bill.

Here are the details: You can purchase the bits through their website. There are two types to choose from; Mint and Activated Charcoal Mint.  I decided to go with the Charcoal Mint to hopefully add some whitening benefits for this dedicated coffee drinker. After choosing the type, then decide between a one time purchase or a subscription. Each comes with a class bottle and the subscription comes in a small paper package (after the first month), to reduce waste.










These toothpaste bits are perfection! They are biodegradable, vegan, organic ingredients, waste positive, and a small business.  I feel like I am putting all kinds of good out in the world with my purchase. AND they are TSA convenient/approved!  Just happy dancing all over the place. Even the package that the delivery comes in is waste positive. I will say that if I was a large family, these might not be financially responsible. However, as half of a partnership, these are perfect.











How to use: Put the bite in your mouth, bite down, and start brushing.  Super simple.

I am not getting any kickbacks for my review. I made the purchase of my own volition and I want you to know how good they are.

Find your balance,

Mary Beth



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