Going Green: Make-up Remover Pads

Soap Box: Before I get started talking about reusable make-up remover pads, I would like to discuss the culture surrounding the green transition.

feel like there is a Judgy McJudgerson culture in the green community.  If you are not totally green (eco friendly) then you are wrong. In the beginning of my transition this gave me a lot of guilt about not being able to keep up with something or financially transition to a product.  HERE is the thing ladies and gents: Do what you can when you can and don’t stress it any further. Your mental/physical health is not worth it.  Does this mean you should not try?  Of course not, try to do what you can. I will not judge you one stinking bit. Example: I carry a reusable straw with me everywhere. I was out with family the other day and they walked up to me with a bubble tea, I didn’t scoff at the drink or throw it away.  I said thank you, enjoyed my drink, and moved on. Example: I am attempting to transition to green DIY cleaning products. Do you know what I am not doing? Throwing away all my current cleaning products. It would be WAY more wasteful to do so!!! Come on people! I do not have that kind of cash flow going on.  I am doing what I can when I can and transitioning as physically and financially able. Find your balance.

I will leave my soap box now.

Make-up Remover Pads: 

I recently came across a Facebook post about a woman that made her own make-up remover pads. It was like a gigantic light bulb went on.

I often turn our old kitchen towels, with holes, into reusable napkins and rags. Well I had yet another towel with a hole, but this one had a really soft side. So, I decided that I would turn these into make-up remover pads. I also had some scrap fabric, that I didn’t know quite what to do with and knew this would be JUST the project.

Keep in mind that you can make these any way you want, this is just how I made the choice to execute.

STEP 1: Cut out your fabric, both the towel and decorative side (if you choose to have a decorative side). The world is your oyster here, shape is all up to you! Circles, squares, and triangles, Oh My!


STEP 2: Put right sides together and do a straight stitch around. Leave enough of a whole to turn the right sides out.







STEP 3: Turn right sides out and fold the raw edges in.


STEP 4: Sew around the edge. You can do a straight stitch or like me, a zig zag pattern.


STEP 5: Do a freaking happy dance because you are one step closer to putting less waste in the world.  Not only did you repurpose something, but now you are not buying cotton rounds and cotton balls!

STEP 6: If you are not a seamstress, and prefer to buy, then Amazon (Or Etsy) is your friend. If purchasing, I would probably go the extra step and buy organic bamboo ones, just so you can be extra earth friendly. Example: These!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Happy repurposing and sewing my friends! Congratulations on one small step of making this earth a little greener.

Find your balance.

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