Control and Finding the Advantage

What does it mean to let go of control and flow until the advantage is yours?

Today I want to discuss a topic that I have really been struggling with on a daily basis, control, or more accurately, the lack of control. I have had a year of big changes: I left Active Duty and joined the Reserve, I moved in with the boyfriend and I am selling the house, I now work at a dive shop, and we just found out that 2019 is only going to bring more changes.

MY PLAN was to stay in Hawaii and go back to school for Environmental Science. Well, I fell in love. So I moved in with the boyfriend, selling my house, and following him around the world on his Active Duty career. School is delayed if not permanently put off. I am working on professional certifications in scuba diving and yoga. I am not bitter about any of these changes, honestly, they were somewhat welcomed. Adapting to the advantages offered to me, I now have the opportunity to really focus on my passions. And let’s be truthful, how many people have the opportunity to throw caution to the wind and follow their passions? Not many.

Even though all the changes have turned out to be my advantage, it hasn’t always felt that way. The changes brought great stress and feelings of helplessness. The most recent example of this is my yoga training. I was going to do my 200hr yoga teacher training through VETOGA. A wonderful organization that offers 200hr training to veterans and their family members. I was planning on doing the training in September, but they moved the training to November, when I cannot go. I went into a tailspin. All I could think is why cannot one thing just go as I plan it?! Bless my heart and bless the boyfriend for bringing me back to my senses. I just need to find another option for getting my training.

I do Danzan-ryu Jujitsu. One of the major lessons in training is going with the flow until the advantage is yours, then strike. I am so disappointed in myself that this line of thinking wasn’t my first reaction. I need to let go of control and flow until I can find the advantage. So that is what I am working on, flowing. I am continuing my work at the dive shop, still pursuing my certifications there. And next year, when I will be splitting my time between Georgia and South Korea, I’ll will do yoga teacher training through another route and the advantage will be mine.

Do not fret over bumps in the road or an adversary that is bigger and stronger. Relax, go with the flow until the advantage is yours. Eventually you will find the point where you can strike and accomplish what you need to.

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