My Story and My Goals

This is my story to this point.

I did what everyone is told to do, go to college. I attended college and due to a lack of finding my passion, graduated with a degree in Sociology.  Six months in to doing Social Work, I knew I had made a mistake.

I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and spent the next 12 years seeing the world and fighting the good fight.  However, something happened those last few years, I became unfulfilled.

So, I finished out my commitment and here I am: living in Hawaii, working at a dive shop, wondering where my next move will take me.

How do I find balance in my life? How do I travel? How do I not become tied to a job?How do I live a life that I am proud to live with no regrets? Well, there are my goals. Find balance and take you along for the ride.

Interested? There will definitely be more to follow and some very interesting adventures ahead.

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